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About Hillco Technologies

Think Level. Think Profit. Think Hillco.

Products Products Hillco Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing aftermarket performance improvement products for today's large combines. In the early 90's Hillco developed the first aftermarket, bolt-on, combine leveling system and today we are the standard for converting level land combines to leveling combines. Our location in the heart of the Pacific Northwest puts us in the midst of some of the steepest farm ground found anywhere in the world and provides us with the ultimate testing ground for our leveling systems. More recently, Hillco has used their in-depth equipment knowledge to take a leap into the biomass collection market. Our unique Single Pass Round Bale System is a revolutionary piece of equipment that will forever change the way farmers collect stover. At Hillco we pride ourselves in helping today's farmers stay competitive in the race to produce lower cost, higher quality commodities. Our product and geographical diversity gives us the stability to continue our heritage of developing specialty products for the unique challenges faced by the world's farmers.

Support Support - We guarantee that all Hillco products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Hillco takes after-sales support seriously. As a manufacturer of performance improvement products, we understand the high cost of downtime and we are dedicated to delivering the best in after-sales support. We work closely with your local dealership to insure they have the parts and expertise to maintain your Hillco product. We conveniently provide operator, maintenance, and installation manuals in order for you and your dealership to quickly diagnose any problem. Of course, if you need additional technical support, you can call at anytime and speak directly to a Hillco product specialist.
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