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Wheat Calculator
Use the Wheat Calculator to compare the Return on Investment for a Hillco Leveling System equipped combine versus a non-leveling combine in sloping conditions.
Step 1:  Enter your acreage information

Step 2:  Enter your harvested speeds and Machine Harvest Yield (MHY)

Step 3:  Enter your combine and header information

Step 4:  Enter your operational costs

Your Return on InvestmentYour Cash Flows
Total Average Annual Separator Hours (without leveling system)
Total Average Annual Separator Hours (with leveling system)
Average Annual Separator Hour Savings
Total Separator Hour Savings as % of Total Separator Hours
Average Payback Period (in Years)
The length of time it takes for an investment to recover its initial cost.
Total Net Present Value of Cash Flows
NPV compares the value of a dollar today to the value of that same dollar in the future,
taking inflation and returns into account.
Internal Rate of Return
The internal rate of return (IRR) method allows you to consider the time value of money. It is the interest rate that is equivalent to the dollar returns you expect from your project. Once you know the rate, you can compare it to the rates you could earn by investing your money in other projects or investments. Usually a business owner will insist that in order to be acceptable, a project must be expected to earn an IRR that is at least several percentage points higher than the cost of borrowing, to compensate the company for its risk, time and trouble associated with the project.
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