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We have benefited from increased speed around terraces and keeping the grain bin full on slopes. - Bryce Andrew - Brownville, NE
Hillco units have been bulletproof in reliability and their performance has been excellent...You just turn it on each day and it works. - Kurt Druffel - Pullan, WA
The Hillco Leveling System has allowed me to keep up my speed like I'm on flat ground.  There's nothing better! - Chris Ullrich - Kiron, IA
The Hillside Leveling System allows us to maintain efficient clearing ability while maintaining higher speeds in high yielding crops in the hills.  It also hold great resale value within our market. - Kyle Bumstead - Ute, IA
The advantage with the Hillco is that you can run faster in the steeper ground while not losing grain.  It is also a lot more comfortable for the operator. - John Whetstine - Highland, KS
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"Hillco's levelers and service are setting a new standard for all other Ag dealers to achieve. From customer service to quality, it's better than it has to be!
  –Drew Leitch, Nezperce, ID

"It really takes the worry out of the sidehills because you know the grain is going into the hopper and NOT onto the ground!"
  –Bob Arkfeld, Defiance, IA

"All of the advertising claims made by Hillco are truthful. The warranty and support are excellent. Once you've put a Hillco on a combine you will never want to harvest without one!"
  –John Harper, Savannah, N.Y.

"The Hillco levels very smoothly, you hardly know it's there until the red light comes on that you are at maximum level. We combine some very steep hills in Buffalo County, WI. Hillco levelers are great systems and it's nice to have them available!"
  –Daniel Kamla, WI

"After owning a sidehill combine for a number of years, then purchasing a level land combine, I realized how much I missed my sidehill. I then purchased a new combine with a Hillco Leveling System and fell in love with it. I reduced my separator hours by 10% and increased my grain savings. It's easy operating on steep ground and staying level on the row at 5 plus mph. Being able to dump on the go is worth it alone!"
  –Michael Maguire, Logan, IA

"I have been operating Red and Green combines for a number of years fitted with Hillco Leveling Systems. This has reduced separator hours and increased combine capacity. The most impressive thing to me is the company support. They stand behind their products 110%! Any problem is handled without question and production problems are handled before they ever hit the field. I cannot say enough about the support from Hillco for their products."
  –Floyd Davis, Plattsmouth, NE


"A quality product built by a great company committed to excellence before and after the sale!"
  –Dick Wittman, ID

"The Hillco Leveling System on our combine operated flawlessly the entire season, over 400 hours of runtime. The benefits included: grain savings, especially in high moisture corn and beans with green leaves on them, being able to use 100% of the capacity of the grain tank all of the time, more acres harvested per separator hour, increased operator comfort and less fuel consumption per acre harvested. It provided the ability to match the threshing capacity with the cleaning capacity without having to slow down and gives a much better grain sample. In less than ideal ground conditions the Hillco Leveling System will let you start sooner and go further in the hills.
  –Roger Kilburg, Miles, IA

"I have been using Hillco Leveling Systems since 2001 on about 1000 acres per year. I can't imagine harvesting that acreage with a "level land" combine. I used "level land" combines for my first 26 years so I know the value of the Hillco Leveling System. I have experienced results beyond my expectations in performance and exceptional operator comfort. The stability on steep hills is remarkable."
  –Tom Lierman, Menomonie, WI

"In our part of Southeast Nebraska we have terraces –and some of them can be steep– and the Hillco really shines! It is nice that the grain tank is always level and the grain is not running out over the sides! I'm very happy with my Hillco - and I'm on my 3rd one!"
  –James Buchholz, NE

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