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Hillco Technologies

Solving Farmers & Ranchers Unique Problems;
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Hillco Technologies designs, develops, manufactures, and supports exceptional quality agriculture equipment that enhances farmers ability to increase production and cut costs, simultaneously. Located in the heart of some of the steepest farm ground in the country, we had the prime real estate to develop combine leveling systems, which is what we are primarily known for. In an effort to diversify our product line we currently offer tillage products, hazelnut dump carts, air flow systems and a wrap twine remover. Proudly made in America, Hillco products are used by farmers and ranchers around the world. Hillco continually focuses on offering product solutions to solve unique problems in niche ag markets.

We believe

What sets Hillco apart?

Hillco Technologies mission is to build good stuff that the big guys don’t. We do that by offering:

Our People

Lenny Hill: President

Chris Hill: Electrical

Shawn Stubbers
Product Development &
Support Director & COO

Mitchell Scott
Sales and Marketing Director 

Stephen Kuther
Technical Sales and Marketing Representative

Brian Heater
Production Director

Sherrie Scott
Operations Director

Robert Lyons
Product Support Specialist

Dane Crea
Product Support Specialist

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Lenny Hill: President &
Chris Hill: Electrical

Lenny is President and owner of Hillco Technologies, Inc. Lenny grew up working in his dad’s farming and manufacturing operations in Idaho so he comes by his knowledge the old fashioned way. Toss in a business degree from the University of Idaho, 30 years designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment, including over 20 years of management experience and you have a good look at Lenny’s background. Lenny is married to Chris, who is also active in the business and is responsible for producing most of the electrical control systems used in Hillco products.

Lenny and Chris spend their off hours with their friends and family and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Shawn Stubbers:
Product Development & Support Director & COO

Shawn grew up on a farm and ranch in northern Idaho and has an Agriculture Engineering degree from the University of Idaho. After spending 12 years as a senior engineer at the City of Lewiston, Idaho he joined Hillco. As Director of Product Development and Support and COO he is responsible for overseeing the design and development of new products as well as the support of the existing product line. He also assists Lenny with the overall management of the business.

Shawn enjoys spending time with wife and four children hiking and fishing in Idaho’s great outdoors. He is also active in several community programs, and their school and church.

Mitchell Scott:
Sales and Marketing Director

Mitchell grew up in Nezperce Idaho and attended Lewis Clark State College. As Director of Sales and Marketing he is responsible for managing Hillco/Dealer/Customer relationships, communication between sales and product development, and coordinating leveling system installs. Outside of work Mitchell enjoys camping, hunting, riding dirt bikes, spending time with his wife and kids, and operating farm equipment for a local farmer.
Stephen Kuther:
Technical Sales and Marketing Representative
Stephen grew up in Nezperce, Idaho and attended the University of Idaho where he obtained a degree in Agricultural Business. Growing up in Nezperce, the young agriculturalist was exposed to several different aspects of farming such as ag-aviation, contrasting chemical & fertilizer applications, crop rotations, and various other farm practices. With enthusiasm for sales and marketing, Stephen found careers in Agricultural Commodity Trading, Agricultural Chemical & Fertilizer Sales, Insurance & Financial Management, and Consulting. As the Technical Sales and Marketing Representative, Stephen is responsible for assisting the Sales and Marketing Director as well as facilitating communication and profitable market advancement between Dealerships and our valued customers. Stephen’s leisure time consists of wood working, fitness, hunting, fishing, camping, and snowmobiling.

Brian Heater:
Production Director

Brian grew up and has worked in both agriculture and timber industries throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has worked for the past 20 years at Hillco and has been the production director for 15 of those years. His responsibilities include managing the production facility, production flow, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement that ensures Hillco produces quality products efficiently. He manages a great team of skilled people that are all very proficient at what they do.

Outside of Hillco Brian enjoys spending time with any and all family and friends. He also enjoys the outdoors with activities such as hiking, riding atv’s, and enduro racing on motorcycles.

Sherrie Scott:
Operations Director

Sherrie grew up in Illinois and attended Illinois State University. As the Director of Operations she is responsible for coordinating the production flow from product development to manufacturing and ultimately to the customer. She is also responsible for the day to day operation of the office. Sherrie has been great at wearing a lot of different hats, and helping with the growth and exciting changes that have been happening at Hillco. Sherrie has served as a leader in many community programs through the years including 4-H, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Sherrie enjoys making jewelry, sewing, running/ walking, and spending time with her family.

Robert Lyons:
Product Support Specialist

Robert has been employed at Hillco for over 17 years. During that time he has worked as a machinist, managed the assembly department, and now he is Hillco’s Product Support Specialist. If you have a question or concern regarding your Hillco products, Robert has the know-how to answer your questions or to help get you going again. In his spare time Robert enjoys restoring classic cars and salmon fishing.

Dane Crea:
Product Support Specialist

Dane has spent most of his life farming. Along with ten years of automotive electronics experience, this gives him a unique advantage to help keep your Hillco products running optimally. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Hillco products, do not hesitate to call Dane and get it taken care of quickly. Dane spends his time off hunting, fishing, skiing, and running R/C cars with his kids.
Return on Investment Calculator

This calculator is designed to determine the return on investment for a Hillco leveling system equipped combine versus a non-leveling combine operating in sloping conditions.

Crop Type
Wheat       Corn and Soybean
Acreage Information

Crop Information

Enter your operation's statistics and estimates.

Acreage / Slope Information

Estimate the percentage of total harvested acres that lay within the various slope ranges in your farming operation.
For all Wheat Acreage
See Slope reference chart
Percentage slope values must equal 100%
Your Harvest Speeds and Machine Harvested Yield (MHY)

Non-Leveling Ground Speed in MPH

Enter the average harvesting speed for your non-leveling combine in the various slope ranges at the average yield entered in the Crop Information section above.

Slope Reference Graph

Reduction in Machine Harvested Yield (bu/acre)

Estimate the reduction of Machine Harvested Yield (MHY) for each slope range if you were harvesting at the speed you entered for 0-3% slopes. (The calcultor will then project expected reductions in MHY for each slope range at your previously estimated ground speeds.)

You may opt to enter the test data which was determined by actual field testing by Hillco (based on 5 mph harvesting speed).

Reduction in MHY is used in these calculations rather than field loss. Reduction in MHY is a more accurate guage of combine harvesting efficiency because it can be determined by actually weighing the harvested yield rather than estimating the amount of yield lost to the ground.

Use test data or your own
Your Combine and Header Information
Enter your expected combine harvesting efficiency. Typically a combine operates at approximately 70% efficiency. If the Total Annual Separator Hours calculated below look too small you may want to decrease the combine efficiency. If the Total Annual Separator Hours calculated below look too large you may want to increase the combine efficiency.
Wheat head width in feet
Corn head width in feet
Flex header width in feet
Combine Field Efficiency (Typically 70%)
(Must enter value other than 0%)
Your Operational Costs
This total should include additional cost of benefits and taxes. If you wish to include the grain cart operator's cost add the hourly wage to the combine operator hourly labor costs.
Combine Operator Labor Cost (per hour, including taxes and benefits)
Combine Fuel Cost

If you wish to include added grain cart fuel add hourly grain cart fuel usage to the combine fuel usage.

Combine Fuel Consumption (Hourly - Typically 11-13 gph)

Cost per added separator hour usually runs approximately $180 per hour for new combines to $30 per hour for older used combines. If you don't want to consider the added benefit of lower separator hours enter $0.

Cost Per Separator Hour
(How much does your combine devalue for each added separator hour of use?)

Use example prices below or obtain a quote from your local dealership.

List price examples for leveling systems used on John Deere combines:
Leveling System Model 2955S for -- 9560-70 STS combine dual tire, w/ Hillco Leveler Installed = $42,960.00 List Price

Leveling System Model 2970S for -- 96-97-9860-70 STS combine,dual tire w/ Hillco Leveler Installed = $42,085.00 List Price

List price examples for leveling systems used on Case-IH combines:
Leveling System Model 2800 for -- 2577-88 combine, dual tire w/Hillco Leveler, Installed = $42,210.00 List Price

See examples or call your local dealership for a quote.
(On Leveling System Financing)

Enter the number of years (from 1 to 5, whole number) for the desired calculation period.

Market value at the end of 5 years regardless of the length of the calculation period.

Used in net present value calculation

Cash Flows (Totals for Calculation Period)
Positive Cash Flows
Labor Savings
Fuel and Lubcriation Savings
Increased Income from Machine Harvested Yield
Residual Value of Leveling System (At end of Calculation Period)
Increased Combine Value Due to Reduced Separator Hours
Total Positive Cash Flows
Negative Cash Flows
Leveling System Cost (Total Principle & Interest Payments)
Remaining Principle Balance On 5 Year Note
Leveling System Maintenance Cost (Annual 2% of Purchase Price)
Total Negative Cash Flows
Total Net Cash Flow (Positive - Negative)
Investment Analysis
Total Average Annual Separator Hours (without leveling system)
Total Average Annual Separator Hours (with leveling system)
Average Annual Separator Hour Savings
Total Separator Hour Savings as % of Total Separator Hours
Average Payback Period (in years)
The length of time it takes for an investment to recover its initial cost.
Total Net Present Value of Cash Flows
NPV compares the value of a dollar today to the value of that same dollar in the future, taking inflation and returns into account.
Internal Rate of Return
The internal rate of return (IRR) method allows you to consider the time value of money. It is the interest rate that is equivalent to the dollar returns you expect from your project. Once you know the rate, you can compare it to the rates you could earn by investing your money in other projects or investments. Usually a business owner will insist that in order to be acceptable, a project must be expected to earn an IRR that is at least several percentage points higher than the cost of borrowing, to compensate the company for its risk, time, and trouble associated with the project.